Oatmeal Lace Design

Newly added to the category “Favorite Things” is Oatmeal Lace Design. McKay, the brains behind the clutches, is one of the nicest people I have ever had the pleasure to chat with over Etsy. I originally found her site through Jacin, over at Lovely Little Details. A photo of a clutch made for a soon-to-be bride blew me away, and I thought, “Hey, I’ve got a wedding coming up (sister’s not mine). I could use a clutch.” A girl’s gotta keep her phone for Instagram-ming somewhere. And after sending McKay a couple of Etsy messages, I had a custom designed clutch in the works! One that matched my bridesmaid dress, at that.

I was so excited to receive my package in the mail yesterday from Oatmeal Lace! I’m a sucker for simple, elegant packaging. I swoon over brown paper wrapped Christmas presents with an evergreen ribbon. And the beautiful boxes from McKay made it feel just like Christmas morning. From the gold label stickers, to the lace doilies, to the handwritten card, I was beyond impressed. My mom always taught me that a handwritten card (for thank yous, nice to meet yous, anything) goes a long way, and she is so right; as moms always tend to be. That card really just sealed the personal relationship that you develop when working with McKay. She goes out of her way to accommodate her customers, and I felt like she was exactly in sync with me as we designed my clutch together.

So, if you’re looking for a new bag to match that dress that just doesn’t go with black, a bridesmaid gift, or just something cute ad fun to hold your keys, I can’t recommend Oatmeal Lace Design enough. Just take a look at the pictures. They speak for themselves!



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