Thoughts on Design

“It was an experience like taking this leisurely stroll through a garden, everything so clean, refreshing, uncluttered. You got this sense of the simple, healthy outdoors life. Simple and clear. It was my first aha into what design needs to be.”

The quote above comes from Lindon Leader, designer of the FedEx logo, AT&T logo, and a hundred other logos that we see in our daily lives. This quote, in itself is a breath of fresh air to me, especially as I sit and struggle through my design courses (which I’ll do so again this evening) trying to come up with original designs and concepts. I love being able to actually develop something and have a tangible…something at the end of a day’s work. It’s such a welcomed difference from the 9-5, cube lifestyle of which I’ve become accustomed. However, developing the concepts, the what to design, remains my larger challenge.  But this is such a welcomed challenge! To be able to really stretch my mind and imagination, rather than using “boilerplate language” and “standard reference language” like I do at my 9-5 position. It’s seriously trying to stretch muscles I haven’t used since I was little, and I’m so glad to be velcro-ing up my light-up running shoes and going for a run!

“I strive for two things in design: simplicity and clarity,” he explains. “Great design is born of those two things. I think that’s what we all want from design, and from business, from our work, even from our friendships.”
Also, did you ever notice the arrow in the FedEx logo? It’s between the E and x. I never did! Design at its best!


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