Friday Things


1. How long am I still allowed to post tree pictures? I hope forever. But, especially with the holidays upon us, I think that’s no longer feasible. So here’s a culmination of my favorite tree pictures from around the District. I was late to many a meetings to snap these, but I think it was well worth it. Don’t you just love that orange glow?! Fun tip: to boost the color on any of your pictures, just amp up the saturation. Still trying to figure out which Instagram filter might be best to achieve this kind of look. In the mean time, I’m using the ProHDRCamera app. 99 Cents, well worth it!

2. The reason for my very sporadic postings is largely due to the fact that I am a) trying to keep this blog a positive place, cause no one likes to read about bad jobs, high rents, and the like. It’s just been a really difficult work time right now. And b) given that work comprises a large portion of my life, I’m trying to brainstorm what the main focus of this blog should be. The boy is, actually, really helping me focus on “the little things in life” that make a crummy job seem not so bad. I’m going to try and post more about those things.

3. With all this job junk going on, I’ve been contemplating a lot about what is “the perfect job” and how people’s experiences in life lead them closer to or farther away from getting it. I have yet to see any specific kind of pattern which, at the same time, leaves me hopeful and a tad nervous. Seems to me like if you’re able to work with what you’ve got in a smart fashion, you can set yourself with some really good opportunities. The hard part can be, though, working with what you’ve got. Networking is key! And, if you’re in your 20s, or are just generally curious about teh problems that millenials face with work and love decisions, you have to read Defining Decade. It seds some great light on the heavy hitting questions facing our generation.

4. Keeping with this more optimistic viewpoint, I keep telling myself that there’s still a lot of life to live! Only confirmed by how many mistakes I still have yet to make in my life.

5. I really like this new numerical format for posts. This is largely how my brain works (lists and numbers and then little tangents from those two things). I don’t know why, but I can’t remember a lot of things (like big, important things, along with the stupid, trivial things that everyone forgets). But, somehow, when I put things down in a list or if there’s some number associated with it, it sticks. My brain is picky like that.

6. I am SUPER excited for the weekend. I’ll be making a mini Thanksgiving feast tomorrow for a friend that’s coming over to dinner (translate into trying to roast a Turkey breast). Seriously, though, here’s the Suzie Homemaker in me: If there aren’t that many people in your house, or if no one in your house likes dark meat, go for the Turkey breast. It’s such a good alternative. Other things to make include: fluffy mashed potatoes, homemade gravy, and a big fall salad (for the ladies…still working on nixing “brown-food-diet” from the house. Baby steps).

7. Getting rid of the “brown-food-diet” is a difficult task! I’ve talked to many a girlfriends and, apparently, it’s pretty normal to gain a few once you move in with your significant other. Mission, sadly, accomplished. I think it’s about spending more time at home, going out less, something of this nature to make me feel better about myself…just nod and smile, please. Well, I never expected to take on the boy’s eating habits! This is no bueno, especially considering the affinity for “brown-food-diet”. “What is this?” you ask. Take anything that isn’t brown (i.e. things that aren’t in the meat, fried, pain-jane categories) and it will not make onto the plate. Now, I don’t think I’ve ever gotten quite this bad, and we’ve expanded to eating other colors, but it’s a slow process. Again, baby steps. It’s actually kind of a fun game, trying new things and sneaking in a few greens here and there, when I can. But I will say, I forgot how good the fried chicken entrees at Chinese restaurants were. It doesn’t compare to the steamed stuff or even the sushi. Sigh.

8. I’m officially getting ready for my annual holiday cookie party! Can’t believe it’s already here! YAY! (Insert all the exclamation points!!!!!!!) More on this when I start trying new cookie recipes.


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