Do You Know It’s Christmas Time?


1. It’s officially Christmas time. The tunes are blaring, the decorating has commenced, and I am already freaking about the lack of shopping that I have done. Some things never change. Cookies to come this weekend!

2. How do you usually celebrate the season? Given that I am now, officially, in my 20s (I feel like anything before 25, and you’re still a young adult) I have limited spending money this year. Presents, though not the focus of the season, have always been a pretty big deal in our house. We don’t really do birthdays or anything else that much, so Christmas has gotten exponentially grandiose over the years. Hopefully  I can still do at least one nice gift for each family member this year. But what to get your dad when all he asks for is a chainsaw?!?!

3. The boy and I have happily decided to not do the whole exchanging of gifts this year. I am beyond happy about this, as it might lead to our saving a few extra dollars for the vacation some day. 🙂 Also, foregoing presents this year with the BF and not really being able to do too much family-wise has really let me get into the holiday spirit. Not that I’m just a crazy presents hound or anything during Christmas, but just being able to dial back the “things” a bit and truly remember what it’s all about has been really rewarding.

4. We visited Boston and Cape Cod this past weekend. I saw my first snowfall of the season during my first ever visit to “the Cape”. It was a very New England winter weekend. While we were perusing the small shops of Cape Cod, we came across Eight Cousins Bookstore. In addition to being greeted with the fabulous that is small bookstores, they had a “Giving Tree”, shown above. Basically, you pick a piece of paper with a kid’s name on it and their areas of interest, and get to pick out a book they would enjoy. I’m all for scrapping a Starbucks for a day or two to be able to spread Christmas cheer and reading! I found a 9-year-old girl who loves chapter books!! swoon. Hopefully she’ll enjoy some Dear America and Nancy drew as much as I did.

5. Can’t wait for singing at the nursing home again this year. Again, celebrating the season.


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