Friday Favorites



Favorite Things:

1. Bo, the Obama’s dog. How could you not love him?! Above is him majestically featured on this year’s White House Christmas card.  That snow had to be Photoshopped. Or from 2010. I miss DC snow.

2. DC snow. Really, any snow. I can haz white Christmas?

3. Still Bo. He takes you on a tour of the White House during Christmas time. It’s a beautiful sight to see, and difficult to get tickets, so thanks, Bo, for letting the masses see the lovely decor.

4. The fact that my hood got a new ice skating rink! Maybe I will, finally, be able to ice skate on my own this year, rather than having to make BF’s hand numb from a death-grip.

5. When you just have one of those really good weeks. Met with some great people on my continuous networking hunt and was just able to have one of those conversations about your work field that feels like a talk about any subject. It just flows and everyone’s able to relate to what you’re talking about. It’s wonderful. Brings me hope for the future! (looking merry and bright…haha)

6. Christmas Concert season!! It’s my favorite! The venues always sell out and it’s just a magical atmosphere. will post pictures of it tomorrow when the fun begins!


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