Getting Back In the Swing


1. Getting back into the swing of things at work and everything that goes with it. Trying to keep the positivity of the new year and going to the gym. It’s difficult maintaining resolutions with the amount of champagne that’s still floating around here, but I’m guessing that will be remedied this weekend with a special someone’s birthday coming up. YAY BF!

2. The new gym is awesome! It’ close enough to work where I could go before, but that seems to be everyone else’s idea too. So, I got after and it’s great! No one’s there. No I can sweat and shake my butt awkwardly in zumba without being judged.

3. I definitely miss home after getting such a great taste of it over the holidays. I miss my family, I miss that adorable bundle of fur up there, and I miss just being able to be in the kitchen with my parents and gab and laugh while we make a meal. That’s probably where some of my favorite memories were made — I think my favorite is my parents dancing in the kitchen in between dish cleaning. I’m a lucky lady to have found my own kitchen dance partner.

4. To combat my homesickness, I’ve been diving into comfort meals. Latest Sunday dinner: beef stew. It’s cold outside, it’s yummy in my tummy, I’m happy. I didn’t understand a lick of this recipe while I was following it — saute veggies, then steam them, then sautee again? Boil pancetta? What on earth?! But I promise you, don’t ask. Just make. It’s so delicious and the perfect weekend meal.

Anything that reminds you of home that you turn to on those gloomy days?


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