Sweet Finds



1. Yes those are two of the best books in one photo (one very blurry photo). Corduroy…classic. But another, lesser-known gem is Strega Nona. I forget what this book is about (something to do with pasta, I think??), but I remember loving it as a kid and reading it over and over. The worn copy is somewhere in my storage unit with a lot of other child mementos that I just can’t get rid of. Seriously, check this book out. I think they even made it into a short movie, for those who need the audio stimulation as well. This is more of an fyi, than anything I did, other than rediscovering my love for these books .

2. Other sweet finds? THIS radio. Swoon. The patterns are just too perfect for spring and summer, and the fact that you can plug in your iPod…mega bonus. But 150 pounds? I think that’s…what?…$300-ish. Nooo thank you. I will be saving for my soon-to-be grown-up apartment (see below).

3. This weekend was actually really fun, aside from a sprained ankle. Luckily, this injury I can attribute to something cool — ultimate frisbee — rather than my tripping over myself. It hurts, but oh well.

4. The better part of the weekend was spent helping some friends paint their new apartment. The term “grown-up apartment” reared its head several time yesterday. Once their place is all decorated and set-up, I fully plan on investigating and uncovering this mystery. I still want one and I don’t even know what it is!!

5. In my “grown-up apartment” quest, I plan on going to Crate and Barrel soon. Bye money. Hello new canisters with chalkboard front. I don’t even own these yet, but I already love them.

6. Gymness put on hold this week due to ankle sadness. Hoping to try again tomorrow.

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