On moments: “Look around and hold that love in your eyes…Cause they’ll all drift by in moment, so tuck them away one by one” (-David Noel)

Life’s Little Moments: 10 Things I Believe

  1. Life truly is a journey. One that must be cherished, marveled at, shared, and documented, if possible. This has lead me to a strong love for travel, photography, and noticing the little details.
  2. Becoming an adult is an interesting, long ride on that journey. But it doesn’t mean I’ll ever stop loving Christmas morning, riding a bike, or playing kickball. Learning to appreciate new aspects of things I’ve done for years amazes me every day.
  3. Do what you love and love what you do. As a twenty-something young professional, I’m just beginning to uncover what that really means and how much conviction it takes to act upon this.
  4. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Choose to see beauty.
  5. Don’t loose sight of the big picture. But still take time to appreciate the little moments along the way.
  6. Nothing is permanent. Decisions can be undone, mistakes can be forgiven, and success can be fleeting. Love the good moments. Don’t stress the bad ones.
  7. Living with passion & conviction inspires like nothing else. Live with passion.
  8. Passion can come from anything. My great passions are good food, inspiring designs, and helping others to realize their visions.
  9. Appreciate those around you. From your family and friends who know everything about you, to the waiter/waitress bring you your Diet Coke.
  10. LOVE the little moments. They’re the ones you’ll remember for a lifetime.

This blog will explore the little moments in life that I am passionate about and find inspiring, and I hope you will too!

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